Facebook Stories: Is it worth it?

Facebook Stories - is it worth it? In 2017 this feature came to mobile, and earlier this year Facebook introduced the stories feature to desktop too. Now, with 150 million daily users, we have to wonder: Should we be using this feature??

We say yes! If you can get in front of your audience in another way, then do that! And Facebook stories is another channel for you to take advantage of.

Are you on Stories yet? Facebook Stories, like Snapchat and Instagram stories, is a visual content sharing channel that allows the user to share video or images that are only visible for 24 hours. This means that your audience are encouraged to check your page DAILY so that they don’t miss out on the latest and greatest news.  

So you want your customer to keep coming back, to check out your page daily, and yet, you’re still not using it? That’s just counter-intuitive! Get on there, today!

Don’t know how to use? I’ve got you covered! Facebook stories can be created from your mobile phone. When you open the Facebook app there is a block (or circle, depending which device you are on) right at the top that reads “add to your story” - you click that and your camera opens! Now you can take a snapshot, or record a video. There are also other fun features, like filters, adding text, drawing etc (much like snapchat and Instagram) to allow you to be creative!

To post, you hit the blue arrow at the bottom of the page which then sends your image to either be shared in your story, in messenger with your friends or even on your page.

This sharing feature can be super engaging and as a business you should be using this to get in front of your audience! It’s a great way for your audience to get to know you in a behind the scenes kind of way, to share your latest offerings, or showcase how to use your products and to get feedback from customers!  

To be top of mind with your consumer, ensure that you are posting consistently - between 2-10 stories a day. Each “slide” is 20 seconds so this does not require a long time commitment on your part.

As a marketer, your aim should be to get your audience to engage with your stories - ideally you want them to respond - via direct message- to your stories.

Special Tip for those of you using Facebook Live … take a moment on your stories to invite your audience to join you when you go live.

If you are already on Instagram stories, you can share this across to Facebook, effortlessly.