How to establish that know-like-trust relationship with your target audience.

As you build and grow your brand online, it can become discouraging when you feel like your content is falling on deaf ears. You desperately want to build that relationship with your niche, and be a thought-leader in your industry, but if you don’t know how to establish credibility, you’ll be left answering to the call of crickets.

The key to becoming a go-to-source, is to be specific. Focus your efforts on the one, or two, things that you are really good at. Decide what your speciality is, and then proceed to set yourself up as someone who knows what they are talking about, and to position yourself as an ‘expert’ in your field.

Perhaps you are thinking that you have this great product, or service, but you wouldn’t classify yourself as an “expert.”

Well, stop, right there.

Take a step back, and evaluate your product or service. What problem are you solving for your customer? Does your product, or service, consistently, without fail solve this problem - every single time? Then you are an expert in that.

Make sure to build your confidence in claiming your expertise. Ensure you get testimonials claiming and praising your expertise, define and redefine your expertise.

So, how do you go from deciding, and claiming, your field of genius, and sharing this with an audience that finds what you are putting out there, relatable, and interesting?

You get clear on your niche!

I’m sure you’ve heard this before: If you are trying to sell to everybody, you end up selling to nobody. Having a clear idea of who your audience is, what their preferences are, how they interact on social platforms and what type on content they are likely to enjoy will help you create content in a voice that your target audience can hear.

Being specific, and excluding people who don’t fit the bill, not only places you in a position where your content will create engagement from the right people, but it also establishes you as a marketer who cares about their customer. The more direct, concise and targeted your message is, the more likely you are to make an impact on the people who need to hear it - and isn’t that really all that matters?

You know your field of expertise, you are clear on your niche audience - now it’s time to establish credibility, and build that long lasting know-like-trust factor. We do this by creating consistent valuable content, and then we give this away, for free.

I can already hear you questioning me: “Woah, stop the bus! You want me to give away my knowledge, FOR FREE !?!”

Why, yes. I do. I’m not talking about your product, or service - this is still your money maker. I am talking about knowledge. Good will. The nuggets of wisdom you would share around the dinner table if your expertise was called to the conversation. If you would share it over a cup of coffee with a friend, why would you keep it to yourself when your audience is yearning for it?

It’s like this blog - you did not pay to get this content. I’m giving it to you. For free. This is the same thing I would tell you if I were to bump into you on the street and you were to ask me “How do I build trust with my audience?” You’d likely say goodbye after our conversation, and go home thinking: “Wow, that was some really good advice. I should definitely do that” - and then tomorrow, you’ll come back to me for more advice, and then more, and more and more. Before you know it, I am the person you want to talk to when a problem arises because you know I can give you insight, and you trust that what I say is easy, actionable and delivers results..

And isn’t that the goal?

So let’s recap - You need to decide what your area of expertise is, claim this as your speciality, get clear on who you are talking to, and then consistently share free content. Doing these 4 steps will create an opportunity for you to become the source of knowledge to the client to whom your message is directly speaking to, and ultimately the answer to the problem that your product or service solves.

Lauren Dallas