In the world of social media, things change quickly! Recently we posted a blog on the new Instagram feature IGTV, and since then there have been even more exciting updates over on the ‘gram! 

So today I’ll dive into the 4 most exciting changes and additions! I’ll also let you know how you should use this to BOOST your business on Instagram!

Video killed the radio star!

We all love a good group chat, and Instagram knows this! They’ve launched an in-app video calling feature which means you can turn your DM’s into a video chats. So how does this work, and why would a business need this?

Video chat on Instagram is only possible between two people who have a active Direct Message conversation, so you can rest assured that you won’t just randomly receive video calls from strangers - unless you have engaged with them in direct message! Video chat can include up to 4 people at a time, which aims to bring people closer together, from all around the globe.  

As a business, how can utilize this? Well, get creative! How do you currently use video to engage with your customer? How can you bring this into that? I think this is a great way for customer support or if you are in the coaching, or teaching industry: to lead one-on-one training sessions.

Music makes me lose control

For years now Instagrammers have had their posts, videos and stories turned down because the music they wanted to use in the post was licensed and the user could not post this rightfully. Instagram heard our plea, and has introduced music stickers which allows you to choose from a library of music that you can rightfully use! And no, it’s not just jingles, and unknown tracks, you can add music from your favorite artists with hits from Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris and Bruno Mars to name but a few!

How did they do this? Instagram partnered with record labels to obtain rights, and allow it user to add more flare to their everyday posts and stories.

Although this feature is still only available to a select number of countries, we hope it will available everywhere soon! 

For your business: this is a great way to connect with your audience! People connect easily through music, and if you are able to show some personality and find an audience that appreciates your music taste, you can really connect with a whole new audience here! 

Explore the new feed!

The new explore feed has been designed with user experience in mind. Instagram would like to chow you more of what you are interested in, and filter out what you don’t want to see. They have launched a new look to their explore page by introducing a better categorising system. You can now see Topic Channels, which as the name suggests, organises content according to topic, as well as a For You tab, which is a tab that aims to tailor the content just for you, based on your likes and interests, and what you interact with!

This is great news, because recently there has been speculation about the hashtag strategy and if hashtags are still as effective as before! With this new feature that question is answered! Yes - hashtags are now more integral than ever! Having an effective hashtag strategy can help you end up in the all-so-elusive suggested tabs in the explore feed.

There are no stupid questions..

Question stickers! I’m sure you’ve seen this on your instagram story feed! This need interactive feature allows users to ask you questions, which you can then answer anonymously in the story!

For your business, this means you can have live Q&A’s, save the answers to your highlights reel, and avoid having to reply to the same question in your inbox everyday!

This also means you can easily find out from your customers what is it that they most want to know, where your message is unclear and how you can improve your website copy to ensure they find these answers online!

Shew, that was a mouthful! Now you know what this last month meant for Instagram updates, go on and implement this in your marketing strategy, to create a more personable online presence, and engage with your audience in a exciting way!