Welcoming IGTV to the party!

IGTV. Instagram TV- wait, what? Yes, you heard me! IGTV is now a thing. Instagram has rolled out a brand new platform, that is the answer we have been looking for! Or, I have at least.

For a while now I’ve been frustrated that I cannot post longer videos on Instagram (not in the feed, nor in the stories) and my longer form videos can only be housed on YouTube. Don’t get me wrong, I love YouTube! In fact, I have a really nice YouTube channel, which I’m sure you have checked out! Unfortunately, a large fraction of my audience spend less time on YouTube than on Instagram, and I have been pining for a way to post my longer content to Instagram, as well! Aside from that, I have never liked being interrupted while I am speaking, and Instagram Stories has this habit of interrupting me every 15 seconds..  In comes IGTV, and dreams do still come true!

So what is IGTV, how does it work, and how can you get in on this action? Read on, I’ve got you covered!

IGTV is a built-in longer form video feature available on the native Instagram app, as well as in its standalone app, IGTV (which you can download from the App store, Google Play etc). YouTube has been leader of the pack when it comes to longer videos, and with tech today, most of our youth and the millenials are spending their time on mobile videos rather than TV - in fact a recent study has shown that TV viewership has decreased with 40% amongst teens!

This meant that Instagram had to harness this power! They were already in the front of the queue for photo sharing and viewing, why not add video?

From what I’ve learnt about this new feature, anyone can create their own channel, and post videos up to about 10 minutes! For bigger accounts (10K followers plus) your videos can be up to an hour! Instagram has said that their eventual goal is to have no time limit…

So how does this work?

You create a channel by simply clicking settings gear in the IGTV app, or the little TV icon on your feed in the Instagram app, followed by the gear icon.

Then select create channel. Follow the instructions to create your channel, and hey presto! Easy as that. Now, you want to upload a video!

IGTV is compatible with vertical video only - this is not really a problem, as Instagram has slowly been getting us accustomed to this way of filming with their Stories feature, which also only permits vertical video. The ideal ratio for vertical IGTV video is 16:9.

To add a video, you click the gear next to your name on the main page, click + and your video library will pop up for you to choose from!

Unlike Instagram, IGTV also allows you to upload videos from Desktop! To do this, you log on to Instagram, head over to your profile, select IGTV then upload. You can add the name, a description and a thumbnail here, just as you can from the IGTV app, and native Instagram

You can also save drafts from the desktop - the only drawback to adding drafts, is that they only appear on your desktop drafts folder (in fact there is no draft folder on IGTV app, nor from the Instagram interface. )

As with Youtube, you can add keywords which helps your videos be discoverable.

In the description, you can also add links! So you can link out of IGTV to all your other channels, if that is what you want!  

Once you are happy with the video, thumbnail, description and title, hit post, and do a little happy jiggle! Your IGTV video is now online for the world to enjoy!

What is great about IGTV, and something you should be doing, is tracking analytics! You can see comments, likes, views, audience retention rate, swipes past and drop off graphs - Amazing!

Now that you have the load down, I bet you’ll be posting a video soon? Let me know how you enjoy IGTV, how you are using this to engage with your audience, and have a look at my IGTV channel!

Catch you on the ‘gram!