You can now stalk your competitors!

With transparency being a consumer concern, and social media marketing becoming more challenging than ever, this new feature is sure to be well received by both businesses and customers!

You can now stalk your competitors' advertising skills - not only on Facebook, but also on the Audience Network, Instagram and Messenger.

Amazing, I know!  I hear you asking "Lauren, why would I WANT to stalk my competitors? Isn't that creepy?" Hell no! As an entrepreneur you always need to aim to be ahead of the curve, and this is super challenging if you don't know what the curve looks like! This new feature gives you insights that you didn't have before.

You are now able to see what your competitors are advertising, how they are engaging with their audience, and where they are targeting them. 

What does this mean for you, and your business?

  • You can now check out what type of ads are running on a competitors page. This gives you an idea of what is working for them, and how you can adjust your marketing tactics to stay current, and relevant!

  • You can see which countries they are targeting. Are they expanding globally, or are you in the same market as them? 

  • You can see which platforms they are using. Are they on the same platforms as you?

  • You can see their offers with ease! This allows you to benchmark your offers

  • There is more transparency for the customer, which means there is more transparency for the marketer too! 

What this feature can't do: 

  • You can’t see the results, but you can see the ads, which is a great start! 
  • You can't see inactive ads, so you will have to check back regularly to see how often they change their ads
  • You can't see the budget or ad spend on the ads
  • You can't see Dynamic Creative ads


Okay, you convinced me! How do I check this out for myself?

How do I find this new feature?

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 16.39.35.png


Head on over to a competitor page



Select "Info & Ads" in the left side bar menu

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 17.12.12.png


Select the country

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 16.40.14.png


Voila! All the active ads are displayed! 


    It's so easy, I don't know what you are waiting for. Go forth, and stalk! 


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    Please do share your thoughts and questions with me in the comments below. By asking new questions, new answers are found, so don't be shy!