LinkedIn is overlooked, and underused

LinkedIn is one of the most underestimated free marketing tools of the 21st century. Growing fast in many countries, LinkedIn is so much more than just an online profile – it is a potential database and valuable source for strategic networking purposes. I’ve got news for you – this underused tool can boost your revenue and networking game, with minimal effort. Below are my top tips for mastering LinkedIn.

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Brand your profile 

When prospects come across your profile on any social media platform, they often form preconceptions about a company based on their online presence and the way their profiles are branded. Include a background photo on your profile to ensure your profile stands out above the rest. Don’t just upload images or content you like — make sure that the content communicates something about you and your business to prospects, adding text to help contextualize the images.

Personalise your LinkedIn profile URL 

A personalised URL is easier to remember and use, and of course looks more branded and professional. Use your name or as close to it as possible – making it easier for prospects to locate and identify you. Don’t use nicknames, handles or anything that could change in a year. This ties in with my next tip below.

Optimize your profile for search

You want to stand out on LinkedIn, right? There are hundreds of millions of people searching LinkedIn and your profile should be easily found by the people who are searching for the types of services you provide. To help improve the chances of your name appearing in LinkedIn’s internal search results, include keywords in your profile that are related to your business and industry. Think of these keywords as the words a potential client would type when searching LinkedIn.

Bonus: LinkedIn suggests that adding your industry to your profile will bring your profile x15 more views!

Build business relationships 

LinkedIn even makes it super simple to stay in touch, telling you when contacts are celebrating work anniversaries or starting new jobs. Again, these are opportunities to Like or Comment.

Export your LinkedIn connections 

Many businesses forget that LinkedIn allows you to download all your connections, giving you their contact information for free. After you’ve gone to all the trouble of building an amazing network, you don’t want to risk losing their contact info! Nobody hates free leads which means potential clients. Now you have a file containing your contacts’ first and last names, email addresses, job titles, and companies.

So always remember to occasionally download your connections!

Be savvy about who you connect with (and who you don’t)

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that every connection is a prospect. Sometimes it’s OK to ignore connection requests. LinkedIn allows you to connect with real professionals. LinkedIn, after all, says you should only “connect with those you know and trust.”

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