Make Facebook work for you!


Fewer people are seeing your Facebook page’s organic posts which means fewer clicks, comments, and shares. Having fewer of these interactions means fewer conversions, leads, and customers. If you really want to reach your target audience on Facebook, you’ll need to prepare for the upcoming changes to Facebook and go back to mastering the basics in 2018.

Here are a few of my essential tips to boost your Facebook organic reach:

Create content that is original, unique and relevant

Make sure that your content is original and that you constantly work on creating unique work – to build credibility and make your brand stand out.

Customise your URL

A customised URL gives your page an easy-to-find & easy-to-share professional & branded look.Create a URL that links to your business.

Bonus: Choose your URL carefully as it can only be set once; after that, you’re stuck with it for good.

Bring in a Call-To-Action button

An effective way to converts leads into real paying customers – something easy like ‘sign up’ which directs fans directly to a free Ebook or Webinar.

Use Audience Optimisation

Help Facebook understand what your post is about and who you are targeting when posting. Facebook allows you to select the demographic of the audience you wish to target, resulting in a more specified reach. By restricting your post reach to only relevant users, your engagement rate will likely increase.

Invite to like

Invite people to like your posts on Facebook by asking them – we often shy away from asking our fans to like our content but forget that there is no harm in recognising those who regularly engage with your posts. The worst that could happen is that they ignore your request. Remember not to be persistent.

Bonus: Only do this if you are prepared to give prospects more value for their time and effort.

Establish Expertise

Create a Facebook group or contribute your knowledge to one that already exists and become a resource in your field.

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