Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Business with Elan Lohmann of Sleekgeek #LDTV

Are you living your most productive & balanced life? Or do you fall into the trap (like I do) of prioritising work, work, work and gradually letting your health & wellness slip…

I was that guy that would email you at 2am in the morning... in corporate life this was applauded, but I didn't like the way I looked, I didn't like the way I felt... I looked at this progression of my life, and I was like "what was 40 going to look like?"

Well today I talk ‘healthy body, healthy mind, healthy business’ with Elan Lohmann, Founder of SleekGeek. He shares his personal journey of starting the Sleekgeek SA health revolution, why commitment trumps motivation every day of the week, and his top tips that you can implement today to achieve a more balanced life (and a healthier business!).

In this episode we uncover:

  • Who is Elan, and how did Sleekgeek come about? 
  • What was the turning point in an unhealthy life?
  • Breaking the "work-work-work" mindset and finding balance
  • Being confident in your lifestyle choices
  • Finding your norm in health
  • Make time for the important things

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