Blockchain technology & renewable energy with Andrew Cambridge of The Sun Exchange #LDTV

Interested in blockchain technology, crowdfunding or renewable energy-based businesses?

You can go Solar in the click of a button, and earn bitcoin doing this. Going solar is now easier than ever! Solar Energy is the future. Step aside, Elon Musk, now anyone can get in on the action. 

Today I chatted with Abraham Cambridge, CEO of The Sun Exchange – he shared his journey from pitching ‘solar powered money’ to a panel of Microsoft Bizspark judges back in 2014, to quitting his job after achieving 150% of his crowdfunding target on Indiegogo, to now running an award-winning business that allows anyone, anywhere in the world to remotely own solar cells, and earn income from these cells, enabled through blockchain technology.

In this episode we look at: 

  • What is Sun Exchange? 
  • How did Andrew go from small town boy to Entrepreneur? 
  • How does Bitcoin tie into Solar Plants?
  • Solar powered money 
  • Challenges when starting a business
  • How to manage an international team
  • Why blockchain? 
  • Working with technology when you are not a developer

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Question: Are you interested in blockchain technology? Have you started a renewable energy-based business? What are your thoughts on crowdfunding? Do you own a solar cell?

Please do share your thoughts and questions with me and Andrew in the comments below.  By asking new questions, new answers are found, so don't be shy!