Coding & Product Development with Baratang Miya from Girlhype #LDTV

Interested in the future of coding (particularly for women!), and how to think about product development as an early-stage entrepreneur?

We can't have innovation if we don't have diverse voices. Our voices are more powerful online. We need to be part of the disruption and interruption of tech! 

Today our founder Lauren Dallas hosted Baratang Miya of Girlhype on power hour at Rise Cape Town Rise Cape Town - discussing the role of women in the future of tech and entrepreneurship, the importance of 'showing up' - applying to programs, surrounding yourself with mentors, working from spaces with like-minded entrepreneurs, and the role of confidence and self-esteem in achieving success!

In this episode we talk about: 

  • How did GirlHype come around? 
  • Being a self-taught coder, and why and how do you learn this? 
  • The lack of women in tech
  • Why do we need more women in tech?
  • The portrayal of women in adverts
  • Teaching women to break into tech, and leadership roles
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, and finding your confidence
  • Finding your support structure
  • Putting yourself out there
  • What does being a mentor mean to you?
  • What are the key things to be successful? 

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Question: Are you interested in the future of coding? Is coding something that plays a big role in your business? How is powerful is your voice online? 

Please do share your thoughts and questions with me and Baratang in the comments below.  By asking new questions, new answers are found, so don't be shy!