All things eCommerce with Justin Drennan from Parcelninja #LDTV

With eCommerce on this rise, entrepreneurs are finding themselves on the internet, living a laptop lifestyle, fulfilling all their business needs from the cloud, and sometimes the line between a work / life balance is slowly becoming blurred.  

Being unconsciously confident is how we start. If we weren't blissfully unaware of all the challenges facing us, we would never become entrepreneurs. You have to uncover them one at a time, so that you can fix them gradually. 

Amazing chat to Justin Drennan from Parcelninja about all thing eCommerce, working harder and smarter, and the illusion of a work/life balance (when you're doing what you love!)

On this episode we uncover:

  • Who is Justin Drennan?
  • Is logistics a challenge in the South African market? 
  • How does the cloud fit in to an eCommerce business?
  • What are the biggest challenges for people starting eCommerce businesses?
  • How to manage return stock
  • Working with my brother
  • Defining the work life balance
  • Failures in business
  • The everyday hustle
  • Funding a business

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Question: Are you an eCommerce entrepreneur? What does your work / life balance look like? 

Please do share your thoughts and questions with me and Justin in the comments below.  By asking new questions, new answers are found, so don't be shy!