Financial Literacy with Nic from Nic Harry #LDTV

Do you know where your money actually goes? Are you putting off savings because you believe you’re going to 'earn your way to wealth'?

We all think if we make more money, we'll have more money. The truth is most people... live paycheck to paycheck. When do you break that cycle? 

In this chat with Nic of Nic Harry we talk about his 2017 personal mission to become financially literate, the power of compound interest, and how to level up in this video game of life!

In this episode we uncover:

  • Talking about socks and Nic Harry
  • Starting a business with R5k, from a bedroom, and the journey to success
  • Where to spend your start-up money
  • Investigating where is my money? 
  • Aligning your investments with your values
  • Uplevelling and making money a game
  • Finding your self-limiting beliefs

...and so much more! 

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How does your money mindset look? are you financial literate?  

Please do share your thoughts and questions with us in the comments below.  By asking new questions, new answers are found, so don't be shy!