Fundraising with Suzanne Wolhuter of Prequel Consulting #LDTV

Are you thinking about raising funds, but not sure if you're "ready", or how to break into the elusive fundraising network?

Knowing your business inside-out is critical. You can't replace good business with passion. Know what your finances are, understand realistically what your market is and what your turnover would be. Always have your elevator pitch ready. 

In this chat between our founder Lauren Dallas and Suzanne Wolhuter of Prequel Consulting, we hear all about funding mindsets of entrepreneurs, the South African funding landscape, and why you need to be funding your future not your current business (think up to 3 years from now).

In this episode, we tackle:

  • Suzanne's entrepreneur journey
  • What is Techtransfer
  • Being a start-up helping start-ups
  • Knowing your business, inside and out
  • Where can I get funding, who should I speak to?
  • It is much better to find a first customer, than a first investor
  • You are funding your future company and not your current company
  • What are investors, vc's and angels looking for?
  • Finding free wine in Cape Town for every day of the week
  • Finding the right deal with funding
  • Being your own accountant

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Question: How have you approached fundraising for your business? Are you paying-it-forward and helping other entrepreneurs?

Please do share your thoughts and questions with me and Suzanne in the comments below.  By asking new questions, new answers are found, so don't be shy!