Defining Competitors as Strategic Partners with Lucy Beard from Hope on Hopkins

How a sabatical turned in to a business. Sometimes you need to step away from where you are to see where you want to go!  

Our business is very much about us. So always looking back at us, and what we like is what works. 

Amazing to have hosted Lucy Beard, Founder & Distiller at Hope on Hopkins Distillery on power hour today - chatting all about tackling the challenging alcohol industry, thinking of competitors as strategic partners, and the common misconception that you should put lemon in your G&T (a mistake I was definitely making!).

In this episode:

  • Who is Lucy and what is Hope on Hopkins
  • Taking the leap from corporate into a passion 
  • Lucy's advice for leavingcorporate
  • Licensing a spirits warehouse
  • Having community support, and paying it forward
  • The challenges in the alcohol industry
  • Playing the line between being craft and scaling to become a big player
  • Co-founding with you husband and how to separate work from home. 
  • Gin tips! 
  • What is next for Hope on Hopkins?

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Question: How do you bring the "you" in to your own business? 

Please do share your thoughts and questions with me and Lucy in the comments below. By asking new questions, new answers are found, so don't be shy!