The Power of Community with Fred Roed and Caley van der Kolk from Heavy Chef #LDTV

Are you harnessing the power of community, both online and offline for your business? Are your events selling out? Is your business growing globally by using the digital marketplace model? 

It takes a village to raise a child, and for many of us, our business is our baby - yet we often reject the thought that we don't have to do this alone. There are so many ways to build strong community support, which means taking your business global is now more achievable than ever. 

In this Power Hour, Lauren is speaking to Fred Roed and Caley van der Kolk - two of the team behind Heavy Chef – a community platform for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and graduates. We will be talking about the power of community (both online and offline), the secret to packing out your events and workshops, the digital marketplace model and how it can help you go global, and discussing the diverse South African start-up ecosystem!

In this episode we uncover:

  • What is a Heavychef in business?
  • Talking about the Why: Why build a community?
  • How to build an engaged online community
  • Do, Learn, Share, Master
  • Shifting direction in business

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How are you building community, and how are you growing your business through community? 

Please do share your thoughts and questions with us in the comments below.  By asking new questions, new answers are found, so don't be shy!